Our Objectives

Objectives :
Our mission is to ensure that education is a fundamental right accessible to all. We assist students in achieving higher education from renowned international universities. By providing guidance, resources, and financial aid, we help students become global citizens and meet future challenges. We advocate for equal access to quality education and invest in research and innovation to enhance the educational experience.
Targets :

Creative Academy Global Network aims to fulfill the growing demands of our clients and partners. Our annual target is to have 20,000 students visit our office, seeking admission to foreign universities. Out of these, we expect 70% (14,000) to be eligible and open their files with Creative Academy Global Network. Ultimately, our goal is to assist 40% (5,600) of these students in successfully enrolling in foreign universities and institutions.

Values :
We prioritize equal services, treatment, and respect for all our clients and partners, regardless of their class, country, or position. Our commitment to honesty is unwavering, and we maintain the highest level of transparency and confidentiality throughout all our operations to ensure the trust and satisfaction of our clients and parents.
Policy of Excellence :

At Creative Academy Global Network, our policy is to achieve sustainable and profitable growth by consistently meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. We are dedicated to providing the best services at competitive rates, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

We place a high priority on enhancing our CQMS (Creative Academy Quality Management System). Every staff member at Creative Academy Global Network takes personal responsibility for delivering quality work, contributing to a work environment that promotes continuous improvement. We believe in adopting a system that reflects the company’s competence and ensures the highest level of service for our clients.

By continually striving to improve our services and maintaining a strong commitment to quality, Creative Academy Global Network aims to exceed customer expectations and provide a working environment that fosters excellence and growth.

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