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For Partner Universities

Since its establishment, our organization has been a trusted leader in providing comprehensive global higher education services. We offer a wide range of services and facilities to cater to the needs of students and institutions:

  1. Organizing Spot Admissions, Seminars, and Workshops: We regularly organize events on behalf of our foreign partner institutions, facilitating spot admissions and hosting informative seminars and workshops.

  2. Maintaining Liaison with Foreign Institutes and Students: We foster strong connections and effective communication channels with international institutes and students, ensuring seamless coordination and support throughout their educational journey.

  3. Distribution of Upgrade Information: Keeping students informed and up to date, we distribute relevant information on upgrades, courses, and other educational opportunities to help them make informed decisions.

  4. Local Market Promotion Campaigns: We conduct strategic promotional campaigns to create awareness and promote the best educational opportunities available in the local market.

  5. Assistance in Advertising and Marketing: Our team provides dedicated support in advertising and marketing initiatives, helping institutions reach their target audience effectively.

  6. Market Research for International Institutions: We conduct market research on behalf of international universities, colleges, and institutes, providing valuable insights to help them tailor their offerings to the local market.

  7. Exclusive Travel Consultancy: We offer expert travel consultancy services, assisting students with visa processes, travel arrangements, and comprehensive travel insurance.

  8. Visa Services: We provide assistance for spouse, business, and visit visas, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free visa application process.

  9. Tour Packages: Our team curates customized tour packages, allowing students to explore and experience new destinations while pursuing their educational goals.

  10. Air Ticketing, Hotel Reservation, and Travel Insurance: We offer convenient services for air ticketing (domestic and international), hotel reservations, and comprehensive travel insurance, ensuring a comfortable and secure travel experience.

  11. Complimentary Services: We provide additional complimentary services, including free transportation within the city, free office space, free seminar space, free digital marketing, and free SMS service.

Our organization’s sister concern specializes in arranging International Education Fairs, marketing, publication, advertisement, and promotional events.

Choose our organization as your trusted partner, and let us guide you towards a successful educational journey.

For Partner Universities

At our organization, we have established a hub for potential students who are ready to pursue their higher education dreams in universities abroad. Our primary focus is to provide comprehensive services and support to help students achieve their academic goals. Here are some key points about our offerings:

  • Hub for potential students seeking enrollment in prestigious universities abroad for various programs
  • Efficient student counseling, advice, assistance, and recruitment system
  • Comfortable environment with a preference for the same language, friendly atmosphere, and cost-effective professional services
  • Access to post-enrollment communication and visa support for parents
  • Expert counselors demonstrating program and university options
  • Competitive advantages of Bangladeshi universities highlighted
  • Focus on Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate programs, as well as Diploma, Certificate courses, Pre-University courses, and boarding schools abroad
  • Support in obtaining education loans through partnerships with banks and financial organizations
  • Strong liaison with foreign institutions, students, and parents
  • Free distribution of prospectus and admission forms
  • Assistance in finding cost-effective educational solutions
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the admission process
  • Facilitation of admissions into reputable foreign institutions
  • Tracking the progress of successfully admitted students
  • Assistance in arranging accommodation abroad
  • Support and responsiveness to parents’ needs abroad
  • Free assistance for student loans and visa counseling
  • Assistance with embassy rules, requirements, forms, and fees
  • Regularly organizing spot admissions on behalf of partner institutes
  • Free attendance for students at higher education expos
  • Organizing the Bangladesh International Education Fair (BIEF) and Higher Education Expo annually
  • Pre-departure services: career counseling, university/college admission support, registration and tuition fee assistance, health insurance guidance, pre-visa interview preparation, visa application processing, and air ticketing
  • Post-departure services: airport pick-up, accommodation assistance, and university registration
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